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SOS spectrum (final)

Changing the Conversation

Changing the Conversation By Maria Krutikova and Mike Diamond Having observed four years of lunch table conversations, we’ve concluded that politics is the last thing on our friends’ minds. “I’ll start caring about politics when it’s relevant to me…like when I’m 18 and can vote,” they would say. Unfortunately, most teenagers do not have a [...]

Introducing SOS Liberty – Champion News

Introducing SOS Liberty! SOS Liberty is a group of high schoolers who are fed up with the liberal bias in their textbooks and the mounting debt that they will have to repay. Listen to one of their founders in this video, read more about them and then contact them to come speak to your high school or [...]

SOS Liberty in the News

SOS Liberty on Fox and Friends Weekend 5-26-12

SOS Liberty is back on the air for a second appearance on Fox and Friends!

SOS Liberty: Young People Oppose Generational Theft – Capitalism Magazine

SOS Liberty: Young People Oppose the Generational Theft of Obama’s Big Government MICHAEL J HURD (2012.05.24 ) Readers are always asking me to please write about good news. I have good news. I’m happy to report that at least some young people are still in favor of liberty, and willing to acknowledge the horrendously unfair and reckless [...]

SOS Liberty on Fox and Friends – 5/21/12

SOS Liberty’s first appearance on national TV!

“It’s A Generational Issue” – Journal & Topics Newspaper

“It’s A Generational Issue” Local High Schoolers Say Activist Group Gaining Steam Charlie Kirk and Mike Diamond were alarmed by the way politicians in Washington on both sides of the aisle were handling the country’s fiscal spending and debt. So Kirk, a Wheeling High School senior, and Diamond, a senior at Buffalo Grove High School, [...]

Sending Out an SOS – Chicago Examiner

Sending Out an SOS The country is $16 TRILLION in debt and growing. The interest on the debt soon will be the largest government expenditure. Medicare will be broke in about 10 years. Social Security will be broke in about 20 years. And all of that doesn’t even include the trillions of dollars in debt [...]